[Dibbler] dibbler-client does not start (Lubuntu 14.04)

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Mon Jan 19 18:28:41 CET 2015

On 19.01.2015 14:00, Schneider, Simon (NSN - DE/Dusseldorf) wrote:
> Hi,
> Ok, I used "start" so far. "run" gives more info :-)
> Log file is attached. Can you please check it? Thanks a lot!
Hmmm, seems like a segfault. That's definitely a bug.

You're using 1.0.0RC1, please try 1.0.0. I don't know what caused the
problem yet, but there's a chance that your issue has been fixed.
Or even better, the latest from git.

If the problem persists, please do the following:

1. recompile dibbler with --enable-debug
2. start gdb
3. type: file dibbler-client (this will load the binary)
4. type: r run (this will run dibbler-client)
5. hopefully it will crash as before
6. type: bt (backtrace)

Send me the result of this bt command. It will show the exact place
where the code failed. Hopefully that will be sufficient. If not, I'll
be asking you to send me the the core dump and your binary. To get those:

1. make sure dibbler can dump core (ulimit -c 999999999)
2. run dibbler
3. It will segfault and should dump core
4. send me your dibbler-client binary and the dumped core

Please send me that info off-the list. We don't want to send all that
stuff to all those people on the list.


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