[Dibbler] Two Advertise and two Reply messages from dibbler-server on Linux

Mike Taylor mtaylor at unicoi.com
Wed Aug 12 23:57:50 CEST 2015

Hi All,


I'm having a problem with Dibbler 1.0.1 server running in a Linux VM and
hoping somebody can
shed some light on it.  The problem does not occur when it runs on Windows.


In the Linux VM the client receives two Advertise and two Reply messages for
each of its
Solicit and Request message respectively.  


In particular, the second Reply message is almost identical to the first but
I noticed in the

Status option of the IA it says "Assigned an address" in the first Reply and
then in the
second, which comes only milliseconds later, the status says "Address(es)

Greetings from planet Earth".


And more importantly, I am testing Reconfigure,  and the key in the
Authentication option
of the second Reply differs from that of the first Reply, and I think that
dibbler-server must
authenticate the Reconfigure with the second key which we don't have because
we ignore
the second message having already gotten the first and assigned the address.
So we fail
authentication of the Reconfigure.  But it passes testing against Dibbler
server on Windows.


I don't have a Linux machine other than a VirtualBox VM to test on at the
moment so I don't
know if this could somehow be related to it running in a VM but it isn't at
all clear why it would
be.  The message are, after all, not entirely duplicates of one another as
noted.  Well, I 
suppose if somehow it got two copies of the client message. but I don't see
that in packet
captures whether made in the Linux VM or on Windows which is hosting the VM.






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