[Dibbler] DDNS Update problems

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Sun Jun 22 14:17:13 CEST 2014

On 17.06.2014 11:52, Daniel Baeza (Red y Sistemas TVT) wrote:
> Hi all,
> Im having a DDNS update problem with version 1.0.0RC1.
> Im using dibbler-server in a "production" enviorement with arround 1k
> DOCSIS eRouters IPv6 compatible and "cant say how many" direct IPv6
> lease to CPE (Customers connected directly to our Cable Modem with no
> router)
> This is my conf regarding to DDNS UPDATE:
> ddns-protocol any
> ddns-timeout 1000
> fqdn-ddns-address 2a04:XXXX:1::101
> key "DDNS\_UPDATER" {
>         secret "XXXX==";
>         algorithm hmac-md5;
> };
> Note that IP and secret are the correct ones in my conf but cant print
> it here.
> All should be working well, but in my log i recieve:
> 2014.06.17 11:04:17 Server Debug     FQDN: FQDN option received: fqdn
> name=Mary
> 2014.06.17 11:04:17 Server Debug     Requesting FQDN for client with
> DUID=00:01:00:01:18:91:d2:64:74:27:ea:21:ff:5b,
> addr=2a04:XXXX:1000:0:c28f:ab8a:c548:3496
> 2014.06.17 11:04:17 Server Info      FQDN: Client requested (Mary),
> assiging (2a04-XXXX-1000-0-c28f-ab8a-c548-3496.ipv6.tvt-datos.es).
> 2014.06.17 11:04:17 Server Debug     FQDN: Adding FQDN Option in REPLY
> message: 2a04-XXXX-1000-0-c28f-ab8a-c548-3496.ipv6.tvt-datos.es, FQDNMode=2
> 2014.06.17 11:04:17 Server Debug     *FQDN: Skipping DNS Update.*
The logic is simple: if it is a response to REQUEST or RELEASE, do the
update. Otherwise skip the update. Can you post more complete log?
(feel free to send it off the list if you're not comfortable with
publishing in on the ML).

I was wondering whether doing the update for RENEW and REBIND makes
sense, but so far I haven't encountered any convincing use case where it
would be useful. However, if you have one, please come forward and I may
add a knob to turn updates for RENEWs and REBINDs.


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