[Dibbler] Server crash with out-of-pool reconfigure msgs

Mickael Marchand mikmak at freenux.org
Mon Feb 3 15:42:47 CET 2014


when testing out latest git version, I occured a bug with out-of-pool
prefixes (I only use that actually to statically assign prefixes to my clients)

I believe the bug is somewhere in :

Log(Info) << "Client " << cli->getDUID()->getPlain()
	<< " uses outdated info. Sending RECONFIGURE." << LogEnd;
sendReconfigure(unicast, iface, RENEW_MSG, ptrDUID);

unicast seems to be 0x0 there (thus crashing in deeper calls)
I believe I will have the same bug with the second call to sendReconfigure in
that same function

it only happens when starting dibbler-server for the second time (first time
cache is empty), so I guess when it's loading its database and trying to send
out reconfigure messages to known clients

I will try to grab a trace a bit later,


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