[Dibbler] Basic Docsis Options

Michael Thorsager thorsager at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 23:59:10 CET 2013

As promised I have done a little digging, and I have found that just a
few options are needed to make a Docsis3.0 modem go online.. (this is
a cout out of a isc-dhcpd configuration) hope it holds the information

option space docsis code width 2 length width 2 hash size 17;
option docsis.tftp-server code 32 = array of ip6-address;
option docsis.cablelabs-configuration-file code 33 = text;
option docsis.cablelabs-syslog-servers code 34 = array of ip6-address;
option docsis.device-id code 36 = string;
option docsis.time-servers code 37 = array of ip6-address;
option docsis.time-offset code 38 = signed integer 32;
option vsio.docsis code 4491 = encapsulate docsis;

And as all docsis configuration is placed within option 17
(vendor-spec) a "standard" way of encoding/decoding such as the one
described above (from isc-dhcp-server) might be a good way to go?

 Michael Thorsager - http://www.krakow.dk

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