[Dibbler] Client-class match-if on client.vendor-class

Michael Thorsager thorsager at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 21:24:36 CET 2013

I have been doing a bit more digging around and it seams that the
conversion from binary to string happening inside
NodeClientSpecific::analyseMessage(SPtr<TSrvMsg> msg) is failing and always
returning an empty string for client.vendor-spec.data (for my data anyway)..

You have added a comment to the source that it might not work ;-) but I
actually think the code
might work for client.vendor-class.data as it is only a string or (opaque
data as it is put)

Another thing as the "Vendor spec data" consist of a multitude of
sub-options it would be kinda great to be able to "access" single fields in
match-if statement as looking at the whole thing as a string could produce
"false" positives.. and would be looking through a lot of "bogus" data..

But as as the Sub-options of Option 17 is no governed by others than the
vendors it might not be  practical to do much more than ex

client-class foo {
  match-if( (client.vendor-spec.en == 4491) and (client.vendor-spec.data.10
contain "foo"))

 Michael Thorsager - http://www.krakow.dk
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