[Dibbler] dibbler daemon connections

Dick Middleton dick at fouter.net
Mon Mar 25 13:58:05 CET 2013


	When I do 'dibbler-server run' it all works fine but if I do 'dibbler-server
start' the client keeps sending solicit messages and the server keeps
responding with 'accepting connections' but they don't talk to each other.

Also when I do 'dibbler-client stop' to client daemon it just hangs waiting.
There is a message in the log saying signal received but it doesn't stop.   I
have to kill the  'dibbler-client stop' and issue it again or I have to issue
kill -TERM to the still running client daemon.

This is with dibbler 0.8.3 on Debian wheezy GNU/linux amd64 (two systems).


Dick Middleton
dick at fouter.net

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