[Dibbler] Client calling external script code

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Thu Apr 4 18:04:55 CEST 2013

On 04.04.2013 17:56, Jean-Jacques Sarton wrote:
> The script shall look as follow:
Thanks for doing this.

> if there are more than 1 interface this simple script will
> not do the right job. I have not found the IFNAME variable
> within the environment. For the particular case the above
> script shall be OK.
That should be IFACE, not IFNAME. This script will be called every time
there is a message received that updates IA, TA or PD.

If you have a client that has 4 interfaces (1 uplink and 3 downlink) and
you receive PD on that one interface, the script will be called only
once. It will not include the information about downlink interfaces. I
think we already briefly discussed that. It would be useful if the
script had information about downlink interfaces (and prefixes that are
to be assigned on them).

The code is in TIfaceMgr::notifyScripts() in IfaceMgr/IfaceMgr.cpp. If
there are any issues (there are many) that bother you, feel free to
improve the code and send a patch. I think there's a bug that this
script is not called for inf-request.


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