[Dibbler] Problem configuring Dibbler.... Need Help

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Thu Apr 4 15:32:38 CEST 2013

On 04.04.2013 14:38, Jean-Jacques Sarton wrote:
> Tomasz,
> Michael has a maschine at a hoster. This hoster offer IPv6 and
> the way get the maschine within the network is to use pd and
> then to configure the network statically regarding the address
> for the hosted server. Apparently the  hoster DHCPv6 server
> is configured in such a ways that IA are never delivered.
What a mess. That means that your provider don't understand what PD is
for. PD should be requested by clients that are routers and have other
interfaces as well. Please try to educate your provider.

Anyway, there's still hope. You can make your dibbler-client to work in
such crazy environment. Here's what I would do:

Use this config
script "/var/lib/dibbler/client-notify.sh"
iface eth0 {
   option dns-server

dibbler-client will request PD only. Once it receives the prefix, it
will call your client-notify.sh script. This script will be called with
a single parameter, denoting current operation. Its value will be one of
“add”, “update”, “delete” or “expire”. You're mostly interested in add
and delete, but that script should eventually handle update and expire
as well. There will be many variables set up. You are mostly interested
in PREFIX1 and PREFIX1LEN, but there are others as well.
See Dibbler User's Guide, section 4.8.

Tip: you can add "set" command to that script to just print out all the
variables and see what.

I don't understand your specific requirements, but I think something
similar in the script will do the trick for you:

if $1 == "add" then
  ip -6 addr add ${PREFIX1}::1/${PREFIXLEN} dev ${IFNAME}
if $1 == "delete" then
  ip -6 addr delete ${PREFIX1}::1/${PREFIXLEN} dev ${IFNAME}

This will configure a single address on the interface you received the
delegated prefix on.

Hope that helps,

Disclaimer to other folks: delegating prefixes to hosts is not sane.
People who developed the standard and wrote software that implements it
say that this is a bad idea. Don't try this at home (or anywhere else).

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