[Dibbler] Hello quick question about dibbler and openbsd

Sly Midnight slymidnight at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 20 16:29:45 CEST 2012

I do have some questions about the original or Linux specific script.  What is the purpose of the following variables in the script?


In my copy of the script I actually have not modified those lines at all, they are still Linux specific.  But I have not seen them called, so I do not yet understand what they are supposed to be doing.  I added lines that merely call ifconfig with the correct syntax to add addresses to the appropriate interfaces and then I use a somewhat clumsy approach to adding the DNS servers.  I am still thinking of a better way to add the DNS servers as the dhclient script for the IPv4  version overwrites the changes I make, so this is not ideal.

Also currently I have no way of getting dibbler (at least on OpenBSD) to setup the default route for IPv6.  If the IP address for the default route could be obtained and passed via the notify script I could easily set it up with a route add command.

Please let me know what we can do.

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On 19.09.2012 21:41, Sly Midnight wrote:
> I apologize it's taken me over a week to get the modifications to the
> client.sh script as I promised completed.  I hav e functioning copy that
No worries. There's no rush. It is better to make it right than make it

> I'd like to upload or email to you for review.  Please let me know
Please do. The list should be able to process attachements (except
executable windows binaries, which are dropped). I barely have any
OpenBSD experience, so my review won't be very useful. Hopefully other
OpenBSD users will be able to review it as well. If it doesn't work for
some reason (it should), please send it directly to me.

> how/where I can send it to you for further review.  As I think about it
> now, if we intend to make this a universal script that runs on both
> Linux and the BSDs, I probably should add logic to distinguish between
> the OSes and execute the different versions of the appropriate commands
No, the idea is that the script should be as simple as possible, with
couple OS-specific versions (or family specific, if we can cover
Free/Net/OpenBSD in one). There is one for Linux. It used to be
scripts/notify-scripts/client-notify.sh, but I just renamed it to
client-notify-linux.sh. It is rather simple for now, but dibbler-client
can set up many things on its own (addresses, prefixes, dns, domains).

> to do essentially the same thing.  I will work on that next and will
> hopefully have a working version of that as well ready to send to you
> for further review.


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