[Dibbler] MAC/Link address Client Scope

Marc Warne lists at gigatux.com
Wed Jul 4 14:23:38 CEST 2012


I'm trying to use Dibbler probably in a way it shouldn't, but I'm 
wondering if a) my request makes sense, and b) whether this is something 
that could be incorporated into Dibbler. I noted in the plan for 0.9.0 
that we have 'Better client classification support', so I'm hopeful.

My problem is that I have a /48 (native or tunneled - shouldn't matter) 
going to eth0. There are many virtualised instances running, which are 
bridged against eth0. I want to assign a unique /64 prefix and initial 
IP address to each of these, so based on the client's IPv6 link or MAC 
address. The reason I need to do it based on these as opposed to the 
DUID is because I don't know the DUID of each virtualised instance, but 
I can easily keep track of a MAC/link -> prefix setup.

It seems like Diddler, and all other DHCPv6 servers I know of, can only 
perform client-specific lookups based on a DUID (or remote ID), and I 
notice this also with Diddler's Client scope. I know DUIDs are the IPv6 
'done thing', but because these are generated on the client side, I need 
a way to base things on MAC address, something I can control in 
virtualised setups.

My questions to you:

   1. Does this even make sense from an IPv6 perspective.
   2. Is there any reason Diddler couldn't be extended to have something 
like a 'client mac 00:00:00:00:00:00' client scope?
   3. Has any work been started on better client classification support?


Marc Warne
GigaTux, Linux VPS Hosting

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