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Mon Jul 2 16:24:46 CEST 2012

I am very grateful for your help....

 On 26.06.2012 16:06, dqq wrote:
>> Thanks for your help
>>  The duid-type can only use in client?
>>  But I want to use duid-ll to enable access control in the server.conf,
>>  if I don't do anything in the cilent.conf,
>>  what should I do?
>You should do as you would do with other questions you may have: read
>the documentation. 
   I really do ,
 >I believe Dibbler User's Guide, section 4.20
>"Different DUID types" is quite clear and provides examples.
 Yes ,maybe ,it is very very clearly for you ,but not everyone .If everyone known it as clearly as you ,then there will be not so much questions in the mailing list。Do you think so?
 But,maybe,I didn't describe my questions clearly before?
>Once generated, both dibbler server and client store their duids in
>/var/lib/dibbler/{client|server}-duid. That is a plain text file that is
>read during startup. If it is not there or contains malformed data, a
>new DUID is generated and stored in that file. duid-type command is used
>only during generation of a new DUID type. It works on a client side
>only, as there is no valid reason to form server DUID in any way. The
>default (DUID-LLT) is ok.
 yes ,I agree with you

>Please let me know if there is anything that is unclear there.

>DUID type has nothing to do with access control. You can use DUID-LLT
>(or any DUID type for that matter) for access control. DUID-LL is useful
>if you have a list of MAC addresses of your devices and want to generate
>access list based on that.
yes ,I  can use DUID-LLT (or any DUID type for that matter) for access control.
 Now, I really  have a list of MAC addresses of my devices .so I want to use duid-ll for access control,
 my questions is that:
  The default duid the client generate is duid-llt, if I use duid-ll in config file, can it work?
  This is what I want to known.
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