[Dibbler] Hello quick question about dibbler and openbsd

Sly Midnight slymidnight at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 30 20:59:45 CEST 2012

Hi Tomasz,

I just read your email and downloaded the latest copy of the git repo and compiled a new version of the software on my OpenBSD firewall.  While I do agree that the workaround you applied is indeed ugly and not ideal, I am happy to report it is now correctly functioning.

Apparently there is some missing functionality with regards to assigning the addresses it obtains via ifconfig and prefix delegations aren't supported at all under BSD systems yet it says.  But I could at least see the correct information that I expected.

I would like to thank you for getting to this so quickly.  I would like to help with getting the functionality of adding/removing addresses via ifconfig fixed and to add support for prefix delegation assignment.  Is this done via some kind of script I could modify or is it done entirely within the code itself?

Thanks again!


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On 30.08.2012 15:15, Sly Midnight wrote:
> Thanks for the response explaining what the problem was.  While I'd love
> to help with this problem, I'm not much of a C/C++ programmer (haven't
> coded in that language in near 10 years).  The best I could probably do
> is test and help debug stuff.  But I might still consider checking out
> the code and seeing if I can make sense of it and if so I will post
> back.  But thanks again.
I couldn't stop thinking about this problem. I've debugged it a bit
more. I'm not confident that the value returned by getifaddrs() is
invalid. In my opinion that is an OpenBSD bug.

Does anyone know how to best approach OpenBSD developers to talk/report
this problem? It manifests itself on my a bit dated OpenBSD 4.8 and Sly
had the same problem on 5.1.

Anyway, workaround this problem is quite simple, but very ugly. If the
address starts with fe80, I set the next 6 bytes with 0. With this
kludge the whole thing seems to be working, at least dibbler-client
claims to get an address. The change is in the git repo.

At least two folks volunteered to test the code. Please let me know if
the code works for you. Also, I've never had a chance to test if the
code works on 64 bit version of OpenBSD. I would be grateful if someone
could check that as well.


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