[Dibbler] Hello quick question about dibbler and openbsd

Sly Midnight slymidnight at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 28 23:27:48 CEST 2012


I just have a quick question about running dibbler client on OpenBSD 5.1 i386.  I downloaded and compiled dibbler-0.8.2 on my OpenBSD 5.1 router I use for my Comcast connection in the hopes of being able to use the dibbler-client to help obtain DHCPv6 info from my upstream comcast router.

I currently do this with the help of TWO other dhcp clients and a modified dhclient.script.  I'd rather this was more stream lined such that I could include it into my router's boot scripts.

However when I run dibbler-client as root with a configured /etc/dibbler/client.conf file, it just spends it's time soliciting and not apparently getting any replies.  I know this shouldn't be because I can easily get isc-dhcp to get an IP and even a Prefix Delegation.  I just have to use the second client to get the DNS server options and finally a third script to extract the default route which neither apparently support (the main reason I wanted to use dibbler).

What am I missing to make this work?  I can include a copy of my client.conf file if attachments are allowed.

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