[Dibbler] Dibbler 0.8.3RC1

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Sat Aug 18 03:16:10 CEST 2012


The time has came for the new Dibbler release. The first Release
Candidate for 0.8.3 is available on the project website:
http://klub.com.pl/dhcpv6/. A copy is uploaded to sourceforge.net as well.

The biggest feature is a rewritten address and prefix allocation engine.
It follows the same algorithm now. It is possible to reserve specific
address and/or prefix for a given host. The host can be referenced by
DUID, remote-id or link-local address. Both in-pool and out-of-pool
reservations are now supported.

Support for DDNS is now significantly improved. Secure DNS Updates
using TSIG are now supported. Many, many bugs were fixed and the FQDN
handling code is now much more robust.

Regarding new platforms, the server is confirmed to run properly on
Windows 8, including DNS Update operations. The code now compiles on
Solaris 11. It is not yet fully usable, and there are outstanding
problems with link-layer address detection, but it is better than nothing.

Script execution is now improved as well. It is called when receiving
stateless configuration (after receiving reply to INF-REQUEST) and extra
options (like FQDN and vendor-specific info) are now properly passed.

On a development side of things, Dibbler sources are now checked every
day using cppcheck, a nice static code analysis tool. Many issues were
fixed with only few minor things outstanding. I have also developed 35
unit-tests that confirm sanity of many code chunks. gcc 4.6 is now
supported. Server code is now a bit smaller.

See CHANGELOG for a complete list of changes.

Please test and report how the code worked for your. Make sure to bugs
using http://klub.com.pl/bugzilla3/index.cgi.

I plan to release 0.8.3 once I get enough feedback on the code
stability. Depending on the feedback I'll get, I will possibly consider
creating RC2. I will do that only if non-trivial bugs are reported.

Tomek Mrugalski

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