[Dibbler] Custom path to config file

Mateusz Pałosz matp.sa at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 19:22:41 CET 2011

It would be nice to set custom path to config file for server. I set
up VPN for my own use (Poptop with freeradius) and I want to provide
IPv6. Radvd is working, but it can't provide DNSes for windows. Only
RDNSS, but windows doesn't support this. I tried various DHCP servers.
ISC DHCP does not support ppp (maybe there are patches, but I didn't
try) wide-dhcpv6 (aka kame) throw error. Only Dibbler works :) I want
custom path, beacuse whenever user log in to FreeRADIUS I want to
spawn new process of dibbler-server. For each user there is new
interface (ppp0, ppp1 and so on), so it's pointless to hardcode
settings. Instead I want to generate config on the fly and run dibbler
with it.

Kind regards
- Mateusz Pałosz

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