[Dibbler] Wrong hardware type in LL and LLT DUIDs

Fred Zwarts F.Zwarts at KVI.nl
Wed Oct 13 11:35:54 CEST 2010


I am rather new to Dibbler. I had a problem to use the Dibbler DHCP client for IPv6 on my Windows XP system.
I could not find the problem when I searched through the archives, so I decided to bring it here in this mailing list.

Our institute uses the ISC DHCP server. This has the option to match a client with an hardware Ethernet address.
When a client uses an LLT or LL DUID, it extracts the MAC address from this DUID and tries to match it
against the given Ethernet addresses for the registered clients.
This did not work for my Dibbler client.
The first problem was, that Dibbler did not base its DUID on the Ethernet adapter, but on the tunnel adapter,
that is also installed when IPv6 is installed for Windows XP.
After disabling the tunnel adapter, and removing the DUID file, Dibbler regenerated a DUID. 
This time it looked like a LLT DUID and I found the MAC address of the Ethernet adapter in the DUID.
However, for the hardware type, Dibbler used 6, whereas for Ethernet the hardware type should 1.
This caused again a failing match with the registration in the DHCP server.
When I checked this on our Windows 7 and Linux systems, they all generated a DUID with hardware type 1.
Is there an explanation why Dibbler used 6, both in LL and LLT DUIDs? 
Does it depend on other hardware in my PC?

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