[Dibbler] Issue with short lifetimes

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Sun May 23 14:58:48 CEST 2010

On 2010-05-22 10:47, Karl Auer wrote:
> Reading the documentation, I realised that the default preferred and
> valid lifetimes are *fixed*. Because I was not setting the T1 and T2
> parameters in the server, the client was not renewing until far, far too
> late.
What values were sent by the server? I assume client behaved according 
to T1 and T2 values
sent by server, right?
> Can I suggest that the default lifetimes used by the client be some
> suitable proportion of the received preferred lifetimes? For example,
> T1=0.5x the preferred lifetime and T2=0.75x? These would only be used if
> not overridden by specified lifetimes of course.
Actually, this should be fixed on server side. I think (please confirm 
that this indeed is the case) you set
lifetimes, but didn't explicitly set T1 and T2 in server.conf, so server 
provided short prefered and valid lifetime,
but large T1 and T2. Client behaved as instructed by server.

But your point is valid - that should be fixed. I'll fix that shortly 
after my Ph.D defense.
According to the latest forecasts, this cataclysmic event is expected to 
happen in about a month.

> This is with Dibbler version 0.7.1, as distributed in the Ubuntu 9.04
> distro.
> Thanks for Dibbler, and best regards, K.
Thanks for reporting this problem. And thanks for using dibbler.


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