[Dibbler] problem regarding with server-client PINGs

pRinceSsJaYne FeRnanDez jine_jay4 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 27 03:24:41 CET 2009

Hello and good day!!
Me and my group for our thesis uses Dibbler to give ipv6 address to our clients and as well as for our connection.  We use Windows Server 2003 as our server.  
The installation process is okay and we actually installed the dibbler and even make it start its service...  On our SERVER, we install the dibbler-server and dibbler-client for our 5 CLIENTS...  We have started the service and our SERVER can establish connection to our CLIENTS.  Our SERVER can PING using the IPV6 address of our clients... but our CLIENTS can't PING to our server.  we cannot PING client to client also....
where did we went wrong??? we really need your help badly.... 
hoping for your answer and thank you so



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