[Dibbler] problem regarding with server-client PINGs

Jyrki Soini Jyrki.Soini at iki.fi
Thu Nov 26 12:59:47 CET 2009

It looks like you don't have a router on the network that would send 
Router Announcements indicating the
prefix is on link. DHCPv6 is only delivering the addresses and on-link 
status will be learned from router announcementes.

If I remember right, there is a configuration possibility on Dibbler 
server that makes it send address with /64 prefix length
so that the clients will find out being on the same link. That is 
working against the definition on RFC, however.

However, I would recommend you to install a IPv6 router or configure 
some host to send router announcements
e.g. radvd daemon on any Unix variant will suffice.

On 26.11.2009 13:25, pRinceSsJaYne FeRnanDez wrote:
> Hello and good day!!
> Me and my group for our thesis uses Dibbler to give ipv6 address to 
> our clients and as well as for our connection.  We use Windows Server 
> 2003 as our server.
> The installation process is okay and we actually installed the dibbler 
> and even make it start its service...  On our SERVER, we install the 
> dibbler-server and dibbler-client for our 5 CLIENTS...  We have 
> started the service and our SERVER can establish connection to our 
> CLIENTS.  Our SERVER can PING using the IPV6 address of our clients... 
> but our CLIENTS can't PING to our server.  we cannot PING client to 
> client also....
> where did we went wrong??? we really need your help badly....
> hoping for your answer and thank you so much....
> jine
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