[Dibbler] Problem with accept-only and duid

Clemens Hupka clemens.hupka at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 22:46:27 CET 2009


Played around with dibbler today. As I wanted a "fixed"-IP
configuration for testing purposes, I used the "common" accept-only

I used dibbler-7.1 on two Ubuntu machines.

My server config looks like:

# Logging level range: 1(Emergency)-8(Debug)
log-level 8

# Don't log full date
log-mode short

# set preference of this server to 0 (higher = more prefered)
preference 0

iface eth0 {

#   interface-id 27
        t1 1800-2000
        t2 2700-3000
        prefered-lifetime 3600
        valid-lifetime 7200

        class {
                accept-only 0x00030001001b63c26a4b # THIS DOES NOT WORK
                pool 2001:xxxx:xxxx::1232:0200

        class {
                accept-only fe80::216:3eff:fe5c:b788 # THIS WORKS
                pool 2001:xxxx:xxxx::1232:f053


The config is working for the Link-Local "accept-only" but not for the
duid accept-only. Once the address is assigned for the first time, I
can change from LL-Address to DUID and the address gets correctly

Of course I checked DUIDs twice... They are correct.

Seems to be a bug, or am I missing something?


PS: Couldn't check the bugtrack as the link gives me an "500 -
Internal server error" :-(

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