[Dibbler] Relay Agent "vendor-specific information"

Mark Krautsack mark.krautsack at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 10:16:06 CEST 2009

> On Fri, 29 May 2009 somebody known as Mark Krautsack wrote:
>  is there are way to add vendor specific information to a Relay Forward
>> message like the remote ID option? If it's not possible are there plans to
>> add this functionality?
> It's not possible right now. I may add this to my personal TODO list, but
> as mentioned on the webpage, I'm devoting all my spare time to finish my
> dissertation.
> What do you need this functionality for?

We need it for our IPv6 Lab, were we want to implement the option 1026 from
the Docsis 3.0 specification. Our idea is that the relay agent is able to
read the option from an option field of the clients Solicite (e.g. from the
vendor specific information which is added with scapy to simulate different
CMs) and adds it to the Relay forward message. The advantage would be that
we can simulate various CMs to test our DHCP server in a practical way.
But for a first step it would be enough to add a static vendor specific
information as it is possible with the Remote ID.

> The real issue with relay development is that I don't have test environment
> ready and having only 2 PC setting it up is a bit tricky :)
> If I develop the code, would you be willing to test it and verify that it's
> working as expected? If yes, then I probably can implement this feature.

Yes it would be possible to test your code.

Regards Mark
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