[Dibbler] question concerning dibbler-server using unicast option.

Keshi LI (gmail) keshi.li at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 19:07:52 CET 2009

Hi, All:

I'm using Dibbler-server 0.71 on Ubuntu. When testing my DHCPv6 client, I
see the following behavior:

I configure dibbler-server to use unicast option like this:

iface "eth2" {
unicast 2000::1

And I configured myclient with IP 2000::2 and dibbler-server with IP 2000::1

myclient sends Solicit from its link-local addr to ff02::1:2
dibbler-server Sends Advertise with Server unicast option from 2000::1 to
myclient's link-local addr->OK
myclient sends Request from 2000::2 to 2000::1 ->OK
dibbler-server sends Reply from 2000::1 to 2000::2, but this reply does not
contain "Server Unicast Option" ->?????????

Is this a bug of dibbler-server or am I understanding the protocol wrong?
I thought once I configured Unicast on server, server should send all
messages with "Server Unicast option", not only the first message.

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