[Dibbler] Routing to a prefix-delegation client

Marc Blanchet marc.blanchet at viagenie.ca
Fri Apr 3 04:10:52 CEST 2009

this is not the business of the dhcpd server. the dhcpd server should
somewhat signal to the routing control plane about changes in the route
entries... different ways to do it.


Dan White a écrit :
> With regards to prefix delegation, what approaches can a server take to
> route traffic that it just assigned to a client.
> For instance, I have my server deleting a /48 subnet to a client, which
> the client receives. However, the server cannot route traffic to the
> client because it has not installed a route for it. Is there a way to
> configure the server to install a route when a PD is handed out, or is
> there a script that can be ran?
> If not, is using a dynamic protocol (like ripng) going to be my best
> approach?
> How have others approached this case?
> Thank You,
> - Dan
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