[Dibbler] Dibbler 0.7.0RC1

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Sun Jan 13 03:13:05 CET 2008


I was a little busy lately, so I hadn't time to send this earlier.

Anyway, Dibbler 0.7.0RC1 has been released a few days ago.
There's one, rather big feature and the usual bunch of bugfixes.

This is the first version that supports leasequery. Here's how it works: 
Servers provide addresses, prefixes and other configuration options to 
the clients. Sometime administrators may want to obtain information 
regarding certain leases, e.g. who has been given a specific address or 
what addresses have been assigned to a specific client. This mechanism is 
called Leasequery. New DHCPv6 participant called requestor has been 
defined. Its sole purpose is to send queries and receive responses. 
Dibbler provides example implementation. To define a query, command line 
parameters are used. This functionality is described in RFC5007.

There are several vendors that are implementing this feature. I hope they 
will find my requestor useful during interop testing. Please report any 
issues or feature requestes.

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