[Dibbler] About DNS update.

Llop Llop, Miguel Jorge mllop at scpec.net
Mon Oct 8 11:19:55 CEST 2007

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On Fri, 5 Oct 2007 somebody known as Llop Llop, Miguel Jorge wrote:

> I have a dibbler-client running in a linux host with stateless
> configuration and a hostname know only by itself.
> How can I perform a DNS Update procedure?
There is no way you can perform the update. For several reasons:
1. you can perform DNS Update for a IP address obtained from DHCPv6 only 
(i.e. DNS Update works for stateful DHCP only)
2. Client has to send its name to server as a hint. If server has this
name on a list of possible names to assign (and the name is available), 
then it will be assigned to the client.

That is how DNS Updates are implemented in the dibbler. I suppose it 
should be possible to obtain hostname from the system (right now it is 
configured manualy in client.conf). That seems like a feature to 

I think the same, hostname obtained from the system. The client sends its hostname to the server. The server performs the DNS procedure update. Suppose a network with 5.000 nodes (clients).

> How can I config the dibbler-client for execute a shell script after
> retrieve domain name?
Domain name is stored in client-IfaceMgr.xml in /var/lib/dibbler (Linux) 
or directory where dibbler is installed. Unfortunately, there is no way to 
execute script after the domain name is retrieved.

What is the role of scripts-dir option in the client.conf file?. How can I config the dibbler-client for execute a shell script?

Another question: Is it possible to establish a range of prefix for delegation?. These configurations don't work well because they are syntactically incorrect:

   Pd-pool df00:0500:0110::/44
   Pd-pool df00:0500:0120::/44
   Pd-pool df00:0500:0130::/44
   Pd-length 44

   Pd-pool df00:0500:0110::-df00:0500:0130::/44
   Pd-length 44

However, this configuration works fine:
   Pd-pool df00:0500:0100::/40
   Pd-length 44

Hope that helps,

Thank you very much, Mr. Mrugalski
Best Regards.
M. Llop

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