[Dibbler] Question about Conform message

Hideshi.Enokihara at jp.yokogawa.com Hideshi.Enokihara at jp.yokogawa.com
Thu May 24 03:04:26 CEST 2007

Hello Tomasz,

Thank you so much for your detailed answers.
I had just wanted to know the plan of supporting Confirm message.

I'm not sure whether you know the IPv6 Ready Logo for DHCPv6
but to obtain the DHCPv6 Logo, a DHCPv6 client is required to suppot
Confirm message.

So, I asked you this question.

Best regards,

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> > I have a simple question.
> > Do you have any plans to support sending Confirm message from a 
> > dibbler clinet?
> Unfortunately, CONFIRM message will not be supported in a 
> near future. 
> Theere are several reasons:
> 1. CONFIRM must be sent every time link is switched (802.11 
> handover, Ethernet replugged, etc.). I don't know how to 
> detect such point of attachement changes. What's more, there 
> has to be defined uniform mechanism, so similar approach will 
> be possibile on all platforms, including Windows.
> 2. CONFIRM could also be sent after recovery from a crash 
> (power outage, system or dibbler crash etc). So to make this 
> work, client would have to detect if its previous instance 
> had shutdown properly or not. (Well, it's not that hard, it 
> would have to investigate client-AddrMgr.xml only) and then 
> send CONFIRM.
> 3. I believe scenario 2 is not very useful, bucause the same 
> effect can be achieved with clever server logic. Starting 
> from 0.6.0 release, if the dibbler-server has already 
> exisisting binding for a client and receives REQUEST (i.e. 
> client after crash sends new REQUEST), it will send this 
> already bound address, not the new one. That operation has 
> changed since previous versions.
> So here is your answer. I'm afraid that is not what you'd 
> like to hear.
> I will implement support for CONFIRM eventually, but it's one 
> of the last entries on my TODO list.
> On the other hand, if your company needs this feature, we can 
> work something out. I could provide assistance if you want to 
> implement this on your own. There are also other ways possible.
> Best regards,
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