[Dibbler] Dibbler 0.6.0 release

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Tue May 8 21:47:36 CEST 2007


  After 7 months of hard work, several release candidates, 2 day test
  session and countless number of coding hours, Dibbler 0.6.0 has been
  released. Lots of new features, several new options supported, huge
  amount of bugfixes and updated docs. Source code, binaries for Windows
  NT, 2000, XP and 2003 are ready. Linux-specific packages (rpm, deb,
  tar.gz) will be available soon. Enjoy.

   Dibbler 0.6.0 release notes [2007-05-05]

  This is a 0.6.0 release.

  Changes since 0.5.0 are rather huge: Full list is described in CHANGELOG.

  Main new features in 0.6.0 (compared to 0.5.0):
  - Support for anonymous INF-REQUEST messages
  - Support for inactive (e.g. not associated wifi) interfaces
  - Interoperability improved (as a result of 2 day interop test session)
  - Client is now able to properly choose between several servers available
  - Support for cascade relays is now working properly
  - Prefix delegation support
  - Vendor specific information support
  - Elapsed option fixes and improvements
  - DUID type is now configurable
  - Lots of bug fixes and smaller improvements
  - Documentation update (now 60+ pages long, with pictures)

  That is also first release with experimental feature called Address
  Parameters. It allows clients to configure IPv6 addresses with appropriate
  prefixes, so routing is configured properly. See Address Parameters in
  Dibbler User's Guide for details.

  If you find bugs, please report it on http://klub.com.pl/bugzilla/
  or send bug report directly to the author. Appropriate links are on
  project website: http://klub.com.pl/dhcpv6/. If you need help or want
  to share your thoughts, take a look at one of the Dibbler-related
  mailing lists: dibbler or dibbler-devel.


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