[Dibbler] [Bug report]Bug in Server which receives layerd Relay-agents Relay-Forward message

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Tue May 1 23:45:30 CEST 2007

On Fri, 27 Apr 2007 somebody known as Hideshi.Enokihara at jp.yokogawa.com wrote:

> I'm using dibbler as server in following topology.
> Client------network1-------Relay Agent1-----network2--------Relay
> Agnet2------Server
> Cleint:Windows Vista
> Relay Agent1:Sourceforge DHCPv6
> Relay Agent2:WIDE-DHCPv6
> Server:dibbler
> In this topology,
> Client sends a Solict, then Relay Agent1 relays this messate to Relay
> Agnet2.
> Relay Anget2 sent Relay-Forward Solicit message to ff05::1:3.
> After that, Server sends a Relay-Reply message.
> But the Relay-Reply message is malformed.
> The message does not include layed Relay message.
> Please refer attached file, No.25.
> I would like a patch for this.
> Could someone help me, please?
Ok, it took some time, but I've got this issue fixed. I have prepared a 
snapshot. You can download it here:

Right now server is able to handle requests sent via 2 relays and properly 
generates answer. Also relays properly handle traffic from other relays.

As for homogenous environment (e.g. non-dibber DHCPv6 server + dibbler 
relay + dibbler clients) - the main cause of problem was that dibbler 
relay always placed interface-id option at the end of the message.
Right now I have implemented new configuration parameter, so sysadmin can 
define, where interface-id option should be placed. Unofortunately, that 
is not documented yet.

Please let me know if that snapshot works for you or not.

Ok, I hope that one is fixed. The next thing is a prefix delegation 
problem reported on the dibbler-devel.

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