[Dibbler] Interop test session, new snapshot

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Wed Mar 28 13:46:33 CEST 2007

There was a DHCPv6 interoperability test session held in RIPE, Amsterdam.
I was invited to participate and test Dibbler implementation. 
Unfortunately, details must remain confidential, but some significant 
developments has been achieved. Also, lots of bugs has been detected in 
the Dibbler code. Luckily, most issues can be described as medium 
severity bugs.

All of them has been submitted to bugzilla (see bugs #143 to #157). Some 
has been fixed already. Remaining ones will be fixes as soon as possible.

To make those fixes public, I have prepared another snapshot. It is 
available here:


Here's relevant part of the CHANGELOG:

   - Clnt: T1=T2=0 is now handled properly (bug #145)
   - Clnt: REQUEST now contains addresses offered in ADVERTISE (bug #152)
   - Clnt: Received advertise(s) + preference are now printed (sorted).
   - Clnt: No longer gets confused if there is no reply to REQUEST message (bug #147)
   - Clnt: Chooses server properly when there are more then one server (bug #151)
   - Clnt: Prefixes are split properly when forwarding is enabled
   - Clnt: /etc/resolv.conf update improved
   - Clnt/Srv: Time is now used properly during DUID-LLT creation (bug #149)
   - Srv: Does not complain anymore, when receives message addressed to a
     different server (bug #157)
   - Srv: No longer crashes when is unable to find relay (bug #144)
   - Relay: Global peer-addr field was not set properly in RELAY-FORw (bug #143)

All of the above (except one) are result of a great interop test session 
in Amsterdam.


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