[Dibbler] Latest fixes, Dibbler 0.6.0 preparation

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Mon Mar 5 00:15:21 CET 2007


Although there were no announcements lately, things are not exactly dead. 
I have fixed several issues today. Client now behaves properly when server 
stops responding and REBIND procedure fails. Large (as in 4 bilion 
seconds) timeouts does not confuse client anymore. Also server does not 
crash when FQDN is enabled, but there are no DNS servers defined. A small 
new feature also has been added: in a stateless mode, it is now possible 
to send INF-REQUEST messages without client-id. If you are interested, 
snapshot with all those fixes is available. And finally, small 
announcement: for some mysterious reason 0.6.0 will be built on March 
14th. So if you want to test dibbler, now is a very good time.


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