[Dibbler] Unable to set up socket option IPV6_PKTINFO

Hiroshi Kouketsu Hiroshi_Kouketsu at toshibatec.co.jp
Fri Jan 26 10:44:18 CET 2007

(See attached file: run.txt)

Error was generated while installing dibbler-0.5.0-src.tar.gz in the
Though it sees from the message related to socket...
Is this trouble on the dibbler side?

The procedure from the Bild work is shown.
tar zxvf dibbler-0.5.0-src.tar.gz
make server
3.comment out a part of INSTALL section in Makefile.
It corrected it as follows.

#     @echo "[INSTALL] $(CLIENTBIN)"
#     $(INSTALL) -m 755 $(CLIENTBIN) $(INST_BINDIR)/
#     @echo "[INSTALL] $(RELAYBIN)"
#     $(INSTALL) -m 755 $(RELAYBIN) $(INST_BINDIR)/

4.make install
5.dibbler-server run >> run.txt
(It is an attached file. )

Content of message

2007.01.26 14:20:11 Server Notice    Parsing /etc/dibbler/server.conf
config file...
20:11 Server Debug     Parsing /etc/dibbler/server.conf done.
20:11 Server Debug     1 interface(s) specified in /etc/dibbler/server.conf
20:11 Server Info      Interface eth0/2 configuration has been loaded.
20:11 Server Notice    Running in stateful mode.
20:11 Server Info      My DUID is
20:11 Server Notice    Creating multicast (ff02::1:2) socket on eth0/2
(eth0/2) interface.
20:11 Server Error     Unable to set up socket option IPV6_PKTINFO
20:11 Server Critical  Proper socket creation failed.
20:11 Server Debug     Cache: size set to 1048576 bytes, 1 cache entry size
is 87 bytes, so maximum 12052 address-client pair(s) may be cached.
20:11 Server Critical  Fatal error during TransMgr initialization.
20:11 Server Notice    Bye bye.


--Hiroshi Kouketsu

Hiroshi_Kouketsu at toshibatec.co.jp

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