[Dibbler] Starting the service in Windows 2003

Jason Miska jason.miska at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 22:28:39 CET 2007


Thanks for helping me out with this. Here are copies of the output
from the dibbler and my server.conf file. I am out in Arizona.


On 2/6/07, Tomasz Mrugalski <thomson at klub.com.pl> wrote:
> On Tue, 6 Feb 2007 somebody known as Jason Miska wrote:
> > I have installed Dibbler on a windows 2003 box. When I try and start
> > the server service, it starts than immediately stops. When I look at
> > the server log, it says that there was a fat error starting the the
> > interface wasnt present or doesn't support v6 and than says fatal
> > error  during CfgMgr initialization. I need some help getting this
> > running. Any assistance will be appreciated.
> 1. Did you modify server.conf, so interface name mentioned in
> the server.conf is exactly the same as actual interface name?
> 2.Do you have IPv6 enabled?
> You can make sure by executing "ipv6 install" command. It's described in
> the docs somewhere.
> 3. It's easier to solve problems, when you run dibbler in the console.
> Execute command-line version (start->run..., type "cmd" and then in the
> console execute "dibbler-server run" command.)
> 4. If you still can't resolve your problems, send me full log message
> printed by dibbler-server and your server.conf file.
> Hope that helps,
> BTW: Where are you from?
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C:\dibbler>dibbler-server run
| Dibbler - a portable DHCPv6, version 0.4.1 (SERVER, WinXP/2003 port)
| Authors : Tomasz Mrugalski<thomson(at)klub.com.pl>,Marek Senderski<msend(at)o2
| Licence : GNU GPL v2 or later. Developed at Gdansk University of Technology.
| Homepage: http://klub.com.pl/dhcpv6/

14:18:04 Notice    Windows 2003 detected (majorVersion=5, minorVersion=2), so th
is is proper port.
14:18:04 Critical  | Dibbler - a portable DHCPv6, version 0.4.1 (SERVER, WinXP/2
003 port)
14:18:05 Notice    Detected iface Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface/5, MACÿ:ff
14:18:05 Notice    Detected iface Local Area Connection /4, MAC :13:72:5c:86:d
14:18:05 Notice    Detected iface 6to4 Tunneling Pseudo-Interface/3, MAC¤:c4:0
14:18:05 Notice    Detected iface Automatic Tunneling Pseudo-Interface/2, MAC¤
14:18:05 Notice    Detected iface Loopback Pseudo-Interface/1, MAC=.
14:18:05 Notice    Parsing .\server.conf config file...
14:18:05 Critical  Interface Local Area Connection/-1 is not present in the syst
em or does not support IPv6.
14:18:05 Critical  Fatal error during CfgMgr initialization.
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