[Dibbler] Dibbler 0.6.0-RC1 release

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Sun Feb 4 12:29:21 CET 2007


First Release Candidate for 0.6.0 has been released. I believe it is very 
stable and lots of bug fixes has been included, so it's recommended to 
upgrade. Also if you are interested in prefix delegation, vendor-specific 
information options, per-client configuration, that's the release for you. 
If you have experienced interoperability issues related to elapsed option, 
you should upgrade. User's Guide has also been updated - besides much 
improved "Features HOWTO" section, several figures has been added. In the 
upcoming days, I'll generate packages for various distributions and 
installation wizards for Windows. Final 0.6.0 version will be released 
after additional testing. So if you experience ANY problems, be sure to 
report it. If that version will work for you, also let me know.

Here is list of changes since 0.5.0.

0.6.0-RC1 [2007-02-03]
   - All: Server, client and relay no longer crash, when run on Windows
     with IPv6 disabled. (Bug #134)
   - All: Prefix-delegation is now supported (still some work is needed,
     e.g. docs and bugfixes)
   - All: Support for multiple prefixes has been added
   - Vendor-spec information option is now supported
   - Clnt: renewal works ok, if client wakes up "late" (bug #125)
   - Srv: Per-client configuration is now possible (so called exceptions)
   - Clnt: DUID type can be configured (e.g. "duid-type duid-ll" in
     client.conf file)
   - All: DUID bug fixed (resulted in changing duid in each srv/cli execution)
   - All: Elapsed option has now correct length (issue introduced in 0.5.0) (bug #127)
   - Clnt: Elapsed option increases its value, when message is retransmitted.
   - Required/not allowed options check improved (now you will know why message is dropped)
   - Linux: iproute2 package update to version 20051007 (latest stable
     available in Debian and Ubuntu)
   - Lots of memory fixes (found by using Valgrind)
   - Linux: multiple domains are now added and removed properly to /etc/resolv.conf


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