[Dibbler] Funny behavior with 1 address per client limitation...

Jim Rayno Jim.Rayno at jdsu.com
Thu Aug 2 16:11:03 CEST 2007

Here is my server.conf file:


Log-level 8

Log-mode short


Iface "eth0" {


 T1 1800

 T2 2700

 preferred-lifetime 3600

 valid-lifetime 7200

 iface-max-lease 255

 client-max-lease 1

 class {

     class-max-lease 255

     Pool 2001:db8:1::1-2001:db8:1:ff


 option dns-server

 option domain example.com, test1.example.com



And my client.conf file:


Iface "eth0" {


  Option dns-server

  Option domain



Here is the behavior:


I start the server, then start the client.  DHCP exchanges occur, the
client receives 

the address (from the specified pool) and configures the interface ok.
I then stop the

client and start the client again.  At this point, the client gets into
an exchange with

the server and never is able to acquire another address and the client
is logging

"Unable to send REQUEST. There are no backup servers left." message.
The server is logging

"Client got 1 and requested 1 more, but limit for client is 1" and
"Client has 1 addrs, asks

for 1, 254 is available, limit for client is 1, 0 will be assigned".  It
appears as if when

the client was terminated, it did not properly issue "release" to
server, so the server

believes it (the client) still is in ownership of the first address
assigned to it during

the first run.  The two stay in this request, deny loop indefinitely.
Also I can see the 

entry in the server-AddrMgr.xml file, and it always reports its as

during successful configuration.


Please advise if I've missed something with the configuration, or this
is an invalid setup.



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