[Dibbler] Error when DHCP Server started

Sob sob at hisoftware.cz
Wed Sep 6 17:41:47 CEST 2006


in current release only client works under Windows 2000.

When running server, you should get something like:

17:03:58 Notice    Windows 2000 detected (major=5, minor=0), so this 
is proper port.
17:03:58 Critical  | Dibbler - a portable DHCPv6, version 0.4.1 
(SERVER, WinNT/2000 port)
17:03:59 Notice    Detected iface Loopback Pseudo-Interface/1, MAC=.
17:03:59 Notice    Detected iface Tunnel Pseudo-Interface/2, MAC=00:00:00:00.
17:03:59 Notice    Detected iface 6-over-4 Virtual Interface/3, 
17:03:59 Notice    Detected iface LAN/4, MAC=00:0c:29:06:ed:41.
17:03:59 Notice    Parsing .\server.conf config file...
17:03:59 Info      Interface LAN/4 configuration has been loaded.
17:03:59 Notice    Running in stateful mode.
17:03:59 Info      My duid is 00:01:00:06:44:fe:da:f4:00:0c:29:06:ed:41.
17:03:59 Notice    Creating multicast (ff02::1:2) socket on LAN/4 
(LAN/4) interface.
17:03:59 Error     Unable to join multicast group.
17:03:59 Critical  Proper socket creation failed.
17:03:59 Critical  Fatal error during TransMgr initialization.

It fails, but it should definitely get further than to "Parsing 
.\server.conf config file...".

I finally managed to find what is wrong with "Unable to join 
multicast group" and fixed version can be downloaded from:


Give it a try, it works for me here.


At 05:02 6.9.2006, you wrote:
>I installed the DHCP server on a Windows 2000 SP4 (Service Pack 4) 
>machine (after having installed the IPv6 protocol as per the user-guide).
>On trying to start the DHCP server, the server ends up in an error 
>and I have not been able to get it up and running.
>I am using the default configuration file as attached, and when I 
>see the error, I see that the last entry in the server.log was 
>"Parsing .\server.conf config file...".
>I would appreciate if anybody lets me know what might be the 
>possible issue and any pointers in getting to run this server.

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