[Dibbler] Problems with the FQDN-Snapshot - another hint

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Fri Sep 1 12:48:58 CEST 2006

> On Thu, 31 Aug 2006 somebody known as ml2h2 at web.de wrote:

> I changed the file and now I see that dibbler wants to make a zone
> transfer. Why? Per default it is disabeled in our network because of
> security reasons.

Another hint: you might want to test if your DNS server allows updates. To 
do so, you can execute them manually using nsupdate tool. It is part of 
the dnsutils package and sometimes it is shipped with BIND.

To manually make AAAA record update, type:

>server fdb4:1c38:cdc1:1000:230:5ff:fe01:8e60
>update add ipv6nr01.ip6.lab 7200 IN AAAA fdb4:1c38:cdc1:1000:1:1:1:1

To manually make PTR record update, type:

>server fdb4:1c38:cdc1:1000:230:5ff:fe01:8e60
>update add 9.f. 7200 IN PTR ipv6nr02.ip6.lab

Note: Everything between "update" and "ipv6nr02.ip6.lab" must be in one 
line (mail agents sometimes wrap too long lines).

When nsupdate won't print anything after send command, then it worked ok. 
In case of problems, nsupdate will print server response (NOTAUTH, SRVFAIL 
or other error status code).

If this manual update works and automatic update attempted by dibbler 
doesn't, please capture both updates with ethereal or wireshark and send 
them to me. I will investigate why dibbler is misbehaving.

Hope that helps.

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