[Dibbler] 0.5.0 release + fixes, vendor-spec, DUID types, prefix delegation

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Sun Nov 5 00:53:09 CET 2006

There are several things going on right now. First of all, almost a month 
ago 0.5.0 version was released, but due to mailing list problems the 
announcement was not sent. This and my 2 week business trip+vacation 
resulted in a somewhat "stealthy" release. If you are interested, original 
0.5.0 announcement is attached below.

However, since the 0.5.0 release, quite a few things has changed,

One important bug was reported - elapsed option had invalid length. This 
only affected interoperability cases, e.g. when client was dibbler and 
server was some other DHCPv6 implementation. This issue has been fixed.

I have also received 2 user requests. One of them was to implement support 
for different DUID types, especially link-layer address. This causes DUID 
to be generated is a predicable way (i.e. Ethernet MAC address only). 
Although this behavior slightly violates specs, it is very useful, when 
someone restores system from an image (that is common practice in campuses 
or university labs). You always know what DUID will be generated after 
system restore, so for example you can configure server to assign the same 
address to the same PC every time, even when you reinstall/restore system 
on that PC.

Another improvement since 0.5.0 is a support for vendor-specific 
information option. Dibbler does not use informations conveyed in this 
option, so this support will be useful in an interoperability scenario.
(there will be a separate mail with details how to use it).

The last improvement is a support for prefix deletation. Well, most of it. 
Although I was able to run it, it is not ready for end users. But if you 
are eager to try some fresh, not exacly solid stable code, here is your 
chance. Take a look at example configuration files. Code with all those 
features is available in the Download:unstable section of the Dibbler 
website (http://klub.com.pl/dhcpv6/#DOWNLOADDEVEL). Enjoy.

Tomasz Mrugalski


New 0.5.0 version of the Dibbler software has been released. New 
features are:
            - DNS Updates mechanism+FQDN option - Server can assign a fully
              qualified domain name for a client. To make such name useful, DNS
              servers must be informed that such name is bound to a specific IPv6
              address. This procedure is called DNS Update. There are two kinds of
              the DNS Updates: forward and reverse. First is used to translate
              domain name to an address. The second one is used to obtain full
              domain name of a known address.
            - support for temporary addresses - used by the IA_TA option.
            - Server cache - Server can cache granted addresses, so the same client
              will receive the same address each time it asks. Size of this cache
              can be configured.
            - Modular features - several dibbler components are now optional, so you
              might enable/disable them. This is especially useful for embedded

As usual, documentation has been updated, but this time the changes since 
0.4.2 are rather huge. You might want to see User's Guide section 3 for 
details, explanation and examples how those new features work.

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