[Dibbler] Dibbler under Windows and WPA2 Wireless

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at restena.lu
Fri May 12 17:15:44 CEST 2006


> > I have an important correction for above. Only 2k/NT port of Dibbler
> > behaves as described and it's in fact a bug, although a harmless one.
> 2k/NT port is one huge mess. Microsoft didn't release asy kind of API for
> those systems, so to get informations about available interfaces or
> add/delete addresses, Dibbler executes ipv6.exe command and parses its
> output. Remark for those of you, who are not programmers: this is dirty,
> ugly hack. But it was the only way to make it work in those systems.

Well, after all: this hack makes the daemon behave more nicely than the other 
port to XP that uses a "proper" API. Whatever Microsoft calls a proper API 

Getting the XP port to behave well irrespective of the interface's state is 
the way to go, IMO. Although preferably without using such a hack.



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