[Dibbler] Address Problem

Manuel Sánchez Cuenca msc at dif.um.es
Tue Nov 8 13:55:06 CET 2005

Hello all, I have installed dibbler-server-0.4.1 on a debian pc and
dibbler-client-0.4.1 on a mandrake pc. The problem is that when I try to
get an IPv6 address from the client, the server always give the client
an address with a 128 bits netmask. I have configured the server to
offer addresses with 64 bits netmask:

log-level 7
log-mode short

iface br0 {

T1 1800
T2 2700
prefered-lifetime 3600
valid-lifetime 7200
class {
   pool 2001:720:1710:0203::/64

Client configuration file is:

iface eth0 {

Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance.

Manuel Sanchez Cuenca
Dept. Ingenieria de la Informacion y las Comunicaciones
Universidad de Murcia - España
Tlf: +34 968364644 - Fax: 968364151
email: msc at dif.um.es
www: http://livia.dif.um.es/~lolo
www: http://livia.dif.um.es/~irisgrid

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