[Dibbler] Re: Assigning addresses from several subnets in Dibbler

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Thu May 19 10:10:40 CEST 2005

On Thu, 19 May 2005 somebody known as [JOIN] Andre Stolze wrote:

> Hi,
> the point is not to configure several prefixes on a single link, my question 
> was more about if it is possible to set up a server.conf in which the folowing 
> works
> +----------+
> | client 1 |------------------+
> +----------+    Link 1        |
>                         +----------------+         +--------+
>                         | Router = Relay |---------| Server |
>                         +----------------+         +--------+
> +----------+                  |
> | client 2 |------------------+
> +----------+    Link 2
> Now assume that both of the clients wants to get configured and they use the 
> same relay as you can see. With the current dibbler there seem to be no way to 
> tell the server "If the request is originated on Link 1 take this class and if 
> it is originated on Link 2 take the other" The choice of adresses (class) is 
> always be done using information of "is relayed"/"is not relayed". So what I 
There's some misconfiguration or there's a bug in your configuration. 
Teddy Bezancon have sent me a report that he configured very similar 
configuration and it works. Here are the details (server.conf, relay.conf 
and an image explaining network architecture):


A little bit of explanation: You should have in your server.conf defined 2 
relay interfaces. Both of them should have "relay eth1" as they are 
reachable (not directly) via eth1. However, each relay should have 
interface-id defined diffrerently.

It is essential to define the same interface-ids on relay, so server can 
match interfaces reliably. If there is a misconfiguration, server has some 
build in emergency procedures and tries to assign an address anyway.

Hope that helps.


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