[Dibbler] Assigning addresses from several subnets in Dibbler

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Wed May 18 23:52:09 CEST 2005

On Wed, 18 May 2005 somebody known as [JOIN] Andre Stolze wrote:

> Hi Tomasz,
> yet another question, very different from everything before.
> I want to use one server for more than one relayed subet but whatever I put 
> into the server.conf an address from the first range is taken. What can I do? 
> I tried with multiple relay interfaces and multiple classes. Do I have to use 
> accept-only and reject-clients? If yexss: How?
It's a FAD - function as designed. But the design is a crap :). If you 
define several, let's say 3 classes, first one will be used. If it gets 
out of free addresses, second will be used. If it also runs out of 
addresses, the third one will be used.

Under normal circumstances, link-local address is used in SOLICIT/REQUEST 
messages. You could define reject-clients to discard some of the 
link-local addresses and those clients, rejected in class1, will get 
addresses from class2. But I consider this method an ugly hack. But if it 
works, it's some kind of temporary solution.

I think that in future Dibbler version, this could be done differently - 
server could randomize class, and then assign an address from this class. 
But that raises another question: should the probablilies be equal or 
proportional to subnet, free addresses or maybe something else? For 

class1: 2000::1-2000::10   (10 addrs)
class2: 3000::1-4000::1    (A LOT addrs)
class3: 5000::1-5000::1    (just 1 address)

So what should be the odds: 33%/33%/33%?

Or maybe based on the addresses available? In that case, it should be 

What do you think? I'm looking forward for your advice on that subject.

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