[Dibbler] Relay Configuration Problem

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Sat May 14 20:32:33 CEST 2005

On Wed, 11 May 2005 somebody known as Jimmy Ott wrote:

> Hello and thanks for your answer,
> just for your answer nr. 1
> consequently we sniffed that before, there are only DHCPv6 solicit
> messages (attached is a ethereal capture) from the client and no answer
> from relay, so i think we misunderstood us. the relay receives the
> dhcpv6 solicit message, but does not send any package out, nothing.
Does relay send neighbor solicitation message after receiving DHCPv6 
solicit message? What exact version of the operating system are you 

I have very few ideas why this does not work. But here are some hints:

1. I think that there might be a problem that noone has tried to force 
Dibbler to send a packet to a remote (i.e. not available on the local 
link) host. There's a way to quickly verify that theory:

Configure your relay to use fake server address. Use locally available 
address of the router. Packet will be dropped, but that is not important. 
Reason for this is to verify whether relay will send packet or not.

Please observe if relay tries to use neighbor discovery process (neighbor 
solicitation/neighbor advertisement messages). Meke sure to disable 
"dhcpv6" filters in ethereal if you use it.

2. Could you try to run this relay under Linux? It would narrow the area 
of possible bugs.

3. Install client on that stubborn host, which currently runs relay. 
Disable relay and configure client to use server unicast address. Will it 
send SOLICIT properly? Will it send anything at all?

4. Offtopic question: Have you investigated thet possibility to run DHCPv6 
relays on Cisco routers?

If my suspicions are correct, fixing this might take some time as this 
requires to build small nework consisting of 4 nodes.

Please, make this work. I'm really out of clues what's wrong :)

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