[Dibbler] Relay Configuration Problem

Jimmy Ott admin at onnet.ch
Wed May 11 08:54:12 CEST 2005

Hello and thanks for your answer,

just for your answer nr. 1
consequently we sniffed that before, there are only DHCPv6 solicit
messages (attached is a ethereal capture) from the client and no answer
from relay, so i think we misunderstood us. the relay receives the
dhcpv6 solicit message, but does not send any package out, nothing.
sure, the unicast is correct, we use the server also as a dns v6 server
with this address, and also ping6 from relay to this unicast address
works without any problem.

many thanks

> 1. Ok, I have investigated that problem and I belive I have found cause
> of this. Let me explain:
> I get this error when relay tries to forward packet to server, but
> server does not have port open. In such circumstances, server's
> operating system
> sends IMCPv6 Port Unreachable packet, which is being received by the relay.
> I have changed this message to someting more meaningful. It currently
> says "Send failure detected (probably ICMPv6 Port Unreachable message
> received). Are you trying to forward message to an invalid or unbound
> unicast address?". I'll check it in/prepare Windows binary of the CVS
> snapshot soon, propably tomorrow.
> You can investigate this issue with ethereal, tcpdump or any other
> packet sniffer.

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