[Dibbler] Dibbler for Windows 2000

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Tue Jul 19 18:28:17 CEST 2005

On Tue, 19 Jul 2005 somebody known as Sob wrote:

> I made a patch for Dibbler 0.4.0 allowing it to work on Windows 2000 again. 
> Maybe I'm not the only user of Windows 2000 who wants to use DHCPv6, so I 
> decided to make it public.
Wow. That's pretty cool. I was considering that Windows 2000 code as 
obsolete. But since there at least one user, who actively uses it, it is 
not obsolete anymore.

> http://web.hisoftware.cz/sob/download/dibbler-0.4.0-win2k.patch.gz
Great. I'm busy with the process of preparing 0.4.1 version. Since your 
patch seems ok, 0.4.1 will be released for both XP and 2000 (and Linux, of 

> - everything compiles (client, server and relay), but only client is tested (= 
> I use it and it works for me)
> - compiler used is MinGW, but it may work with others too
Some time ago I was trying to compile Dibbler using dev-cpp, which 
contains bundled mingw. But I had problem with calling some low level 
functions, so I have abadoned my efforts.

I have some questions, but I see that you have provided rather detailed 
explanations in the INFO file. I need some time to make through it.

> - my C programming skills are rather poor, and I'm not really sure about all 
> changes I made. It means that it's better to consider this code as a starting 
> point for Windows 2000 support, but it's definitely recommended to get it 
> verified by someone more skilled.
Sure, no problem. I'll review all changes before commiting them to the CVS 
tree. Since this means that Win2k port officialy is back from the dead, I 
also must merge changes from winXP port (mostly usability features and 
fixes, e.g. much improved command line and windows service support).

Ok, I'd like to say that that so far this is the most impressive patch 
I've received since this project was started.


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