[Dibbler] Dibbler 0.4.0-RC1 with relay support available

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Fri Feb 4 01:27:58 CET 2005

This list seem to be quiet lately. So here's the news to speed things up:

0.4.0 Release Candidate 1 is available for download. Besides the usual 
stuff (bug fixed, documentation improvements) it is the first release with 
stand alone relay. Relay was tested and appears to be working both in 
Linux and Windows environments. Server was also enhanced to support 
relays. Windows services are now fully controllable via command line 
interface. Linux daemons control is also much more reliable. It is also 
worth noting that this is the first release being offered in Debian 
packages (both binary and source). If there will be no bugs detected or 
reported, final 0.4.0 version will be avaiable in about two weeks.

It is also worth noting that Dibbler is available in the PLD Linux 
Distribution 2.0 in test section. Inclusion in PLD has 2 huge advantages:
- this software is available to a broader audience, so there's better
   chance that possible bugs will be ironed out
- PLD provides RPM packages for various architectures besides i386:
   Alpha, Sparc, PowerPC and AMD64. It's a great news that Dibbler builds
   on all of them. I have a report that it works on AMD64 and Sparc. Alpha
   and PowerPC still remain unconfirmed.

Ok, that would be all news for now. As usual, I'm looking forward for 
usability reports. If there is something wrong, don't hesitate to contact 

Last interesting note: I'm currently working to include Dibbler in two 
major Linux distros: Debian and Gentoo.

Ok, download and enjoy.

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