[Dibbler] Problems with relay

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Wed Apr 20 20:32:57 CEST 2005

On Wed, 20 Apr 2005 somebody known as kf wrote:

> We are setting up a IPv6 lab environment and have some problems configuring
> relays.
> Dibbler is installed on a server with one ethernet card. The server is then
> connected to a computer acting as router. The router has four ethernet cards
> and receives requests on three of them, each on its own subnet, and then
> relays via multicast to the server. Our problem is that we can't figure out
> how to configure the dibbler-server to accept three different interface-ids on
> the same interface. All of our attempts to configure this has been
> unsuccessful and we can't find any information about this in the
> documentation. The problem we encounter (if the server successfully parse the
> config) is that it tries to bind the socket twice.
> Error     Unable to bind socket (iface=eth0/4, addr=ff05::1:3, port=547).
> Is what we are trying to do possible? We hope there is just a configuration
> error from our side. All sugestions on solutions are welcome.

I have never thought about such topology, so I belive this cannot be done. 
But what you are trying to accomplish is valid usage, so this can be 
classified as a bug. I'm currently very busy, but is a few days (probably 
in the beginning of the next week) I'll take a look at that. I belive 
fixing this should be relatively easy. What operating system are you using 
on the server and relay? As soon as I fix this, I'll prepare an unofficial 
version for you, so you can confirm (or deny) my fix.

I would also make things easier for me if you send me your relay.conf 
and server.conf files.

> Simplified Network Topology - http://www.fourdays.com/network_topology.png
Cool image. What software have you used to produce it?

Thanks for your bug report. I have added bug #112 to the Dibbler bug 


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