[Dibbler] Problems with relay

kf kf at fourdays.com
Wed Apr 20 15:06:14 CEST 2005


We are setting up a IPv6 lab environment and have some problems configuring

Dibbler is installed on a server with one ethernet card. The server is then
connected to a computer acting as router. The router has four ethernet cards
and receives requests on three of them, each on its own subnet, and then
relays via multicast to the server. Our problem is that we can't figure out
how to configure the dibbler-server to accept three different interface-ids on
the same interface. All of our attempts to configure this has been
unsuccessful and we can't find any information about this in the
documentation. The problem we encounter (if the server successfully parse the
config) is that it tries to bind the socket twice.

Error     Unable to bind socket (iface=eth0/4, addr=ff05::1:3, port=547).

Is what we are trying to do possible? We hope there is just a configuration
error from our side. All sugestions on solutions are welcome.

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Kristoffer Fredriksson

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