[Dibbler-devel] Prefix delegation & prefix pool management issue.

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Tue May 1 23:52:55 CEST 2007

On Fri, 27 Apr 2007 somebody known as MINODIER David RD-RESA-LAN wrote:

> Hi all,
> In short: Two clients obtain their /64 prefix from a dibbler-server
> configured with a single /63 pool.
> There are therefore 2 /64 prefixes to be delegated, but they both obtain
> the same prefix (!).
Thanks for this bug report. Sorry for replying with such delay, but we 
have long weekend in Poland, so I went offline for a while.

I have fixed recently reported relay issue, so this problem with prefix 
delegation is next. It looks like it will take a day or two.

> So I guess there is something wrong... But I can't honestly find it
> after 2 days of hard gdb...
> Any hints ?
Wow. Were you able to debug dibbler with gdb? Unfortunately, gdb does not 
work too well with templates and the whole dibbler uses SmartPointers, 
which are template-based. Therefore I'm trying to dump the whole state of 
client and server to /var/lib/dibbler/server-{CfgMgr|AddrMgr|IfaceMgr}.xml 
to monitor, what data is stored there.

Anyway, I'll take a closer look at this issue soon (tomorrow? or the day 
after tomorrow).



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